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Lucom-FeelingWorking at Lucom 

"Our Lucom feeling can actually best be described by the fact that there is a list of colleagues' favorite chocolate flavors for the chocolate Santa Clauses and Easter bunnies. When time is taken for even such a small detail, you can imagine how much value is placed on people in general here.
Lukas Richter
Working Student
“Lucom appealed to me directly because it felt like they were interested in me as a person right from the start and not just as a worker.”
Nils Köpke
"At Lucom, you are recognized for both your professional and personal skills. Everyone can learn from everyone, no matter how old you are or how long you've been with us."
Dario Sanna
Senior Consultant

JobsBecoming a Lucompanion 

Are you curious to get to know the Lucom feeling for yourself? Then become part of the #lucommunity!



You have already gained professional experience and are now ready for the next challenge? Then we look forward to receiving your application as a professional.

Young Professionals

You have just graduated and can't wait to finally put the knowledge you have learned into practice? Then make sure to apply as a young professional.

Dual students

Would you like to combine theory and practice during your studies? Then the dual study program is just right for you.

Working students

You already learned the theory during your studies, but now you want to see what it all looks like in practice? If you would like to gain your first professional experience in the IT sector alongside your studies, then apply for a working student position with us.


Would you like to get a taste of IT and find out what everyday life in IT consulting and software development is like?
Then find out during an internship.

Unsolicited application

You haven't found the right job for you in the vacancies yet, but you have the feeling that we could still be a good match? Then simply send us an unsolicited application!

By the way: We deliberately avoid the addition "male/female/diverse" on our homepage and address everyone equally, because above all we are looking for human beings... very different human beings, all with their hearts in the right place, who respect and appreciate the differences and peculiarities of others, who are passionate about exploring IT topics together and who are passionate about what they do. It doesn't matter to us where we come from, which group we feel we belong to, what we identify with or what we believe in. The only important thing for us is that we all keep moving in the same direction.

FAQAll about your application 

Wondering what happens once you've sent off your application? And what does a convincing application actually involve?
You can find out all this and much more here.

To get to know the person behind all the facts and figures, in addition to your CV and relevant references, we would also be pleased to receive a short cover letter with which you can give your application a little extra spark and explain in more detail what drives you, what you are passionate about and what brings you to us. If you have already implemented exciting subject-related projects, you are also welcome to share these with us. Please send us all of it via e-mail to

The right time is always right now. The next best time: the moment after. If we have caught your attention, you like what you read and you think we might be a good match, then don't hesitate to send us your application. Especially when applying for a dual study program or an internship, it is a wise idea to be quick before our capacities are depleted.
For us, the focus is on people, which is why we leave out all the hierarchical frippery and simply use first names - from the very first moment on, if you like.

Feel free to ring us up and ask us any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can also send us an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would prefer to see a face first, we can also arrange an appointment for a virtual coffee.

You've sent us an email with everything we need to know about you. What happens now? We'll be alerted to a new email by the wildly bouncing inbox symbol and will take our time to look at your application. Together with your potential new colleagues, we will look at how we can work together in the future and get back to you as soon as possible. As soon as possible means that this should normally happen within a week, but you might catch us in a particularly busy week. If you haven't heard from us within 14 days, please give us a quick ring to make sure your application has arrived. If you have any questions while writing your documents or afterwards, you can also contact us at any time.
We would love to get to know you as the person you are. So throw on your favorite clothes and bring your most authentic self. We do the same, by the way. Dressing up and pretending only costs energy that we can use for more meaningful things. You don't have to prepare or bring anything, unless you would like to show us a project or work that you have enthusiastically realized. You can also start thinking about what your dream job might look like and whether you have any questions for us. By the way, our interviews never follow a specific pattern, but we simply want to give each other the opportunity to get to know each other better and find out what we are passionate about in a relaxed atmosphere.

We would also like to encourage you to apply to us with a completely different profile if you are otherwise enthusiastic about what you read. After all, many of our colleagues probably wouldn't have found themselves in our job advertisements at first, but by working together we have found exactly the right field of activity for them and even created some completely new positions when we felt that we could achieve great things together. Just have a look in Unsolicited application

You can find out how we collect your personal data, who has access to it and when we delete it in our privacy policies.

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