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LIPThe right tool for good solutions

IT solutions that are successful today are interactive, process-oriented and dynamic. They should provide the user with the perfect support, allowing them to work more effectively in the way they are accustomed to. The Lucom Interaction Platform enables the development of fast, user-friendly and intuitive applications, which in turn enable users to structure their processes in an agile, flexible manner.

PhilosophyThe elements
of success

Structure, networking and transparency – We draw on our many years of experience and use the Lucom Interaction Platform to help you strategically and effectively incorporate the elements of success into your business processes.

Structure not only simplifies communication and ensures coordinated collaboration, it is also the foundation for achieving transparency across all processes.


Networking enables you to take advantage of your existing potential and expertise regardless of time and place. To this end, it is crucial to network the individual skills and experiences of all parties involved and enable them to organise themselves and take responsibility for their own actions.


Transparency leads to trust, fosters goal-oriented actions and allows you to more easily identify potential. It is the foundation for mutual appreciation and recognition.