Lucom GmbH
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40699 Erkrath


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Dual StudentsDuales Studium „Bachelor of Science – Angewandte Informatik“ 

in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Mettmann

About us

Who we are

We are a motley crew, driven by the passion to develop smart IT applications that inspire us and our customers. We have been doing this since 1994 and since then we have successfully implemented numerous projects for a wide range of companies, for institutions in the fields of education and research and for public administration. At the heart of this lies our Lucom Interaction Platform®, into which we enthusiastically incorporate all our ideas. In doing so, we always keep an eye on current requirements and new technologies. And we also live for what we do, because for us Lucom is not just a company, but a feeling!

The Lucom-Feeling

It is something different for everyone. Some call it a family feeling, others call it being allowed to be human and still others can't put it into words. Whatever this feeling is, for us Lucom means cohesion and community, standing up for each other, supporting each other, taking an interest in the visions and ideas of others, and making them come true. And we experience this unique Lucom feeling not only in our day-to-day work through our incomparable team spirit, but also through many unforgettable bonding moments. From our daily lunch together to lively family celebrations, fun company events with our Dutch colleagues and enriching open spaces to our diverse social commitment, the list is long, and it never gets boring with us.

And now about you

We are all very different and have very different backgrounds. There is no standard for us. That's why we're not looking for the Jack of all trades. Instead, we just want to feel comfortable with each other and fit together. Nevertheless, our many years of experience in the field of dual studies have shown us that it is helpful for both sides if...
  • you approach people openly and without shyness.
  • you have an eye for seeing where you can contribute and help others.
  • you think outside the box and sometimes take unconventional paths.
  • you outgrow yourself when you are passionate about something.
  • you feel responsible for achieving the goals you set yourself.
  • you are passionate about getting to grips with somewhat trickier IT topics.

For the Bachelor's degree course, which is shortened to four semesters, you also need a high school diploma as well as a completed apprenticeship as an information technology assistant (m/f/d human*) or initial credit points in the field of computer science.

What you will do with us

Every day is different for us, but you can basically assume that...
  • you don't have to pass 20 authorities, get the blood of a unicorn and steal Gollum's ring to make a decision
  • you'll find your own workplace with the latest technology and smart processes in our beautiful little castle (as well as small snacks and refreshments ;)). 
    (as well as small snacks and refreshments ;)).
  • you will of course receive support at all times, but also take responsibility for your own projects.

  • here you can be human and are valued for all your qualities and ideas.
  • you have plenty of room for development and creativity with us (try out new things and discover hidden talents!).
  • you can exchange ideas with other students and alumni not only about your exciting project, but also about the upcoming exam.

  • you can flexibly adapt your working hours to your lecture times thanks to a worktime account.
  • we pay your tuition fees and there will still be something left over at the end of the month for a delicious pizza with friends, new sports shoes and a weekend trip.
Would you like to become part of our motley crew and get to know the Lucom feeling? Then send us your application!
We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your application.

For more information about the degree program at the University of Applied Sciences for Economics in Mettmann, click here. here.

*We are human beings…very different human beings, all with their hearts in the right place, who respect and appreciate the differences and peculiarities of others, who are passionate about exploring IT topics together and who are on fire about what they do. It doesn't matter to us where we come from, which group we feel we belong to, what we identify with or what we believe in. The only important thing for us is that we all keep moving in the same direction.